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Continuing Education and Staff Training
for Martial Arts Instructors.

The Premier Martial Arts Course For Instructors And Owners

1. Improve Teaching and Class Management

2. Reduce Legal Liabilities

3. Increase Student Quality and Retention


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What is covered in the
Martial Arts Instructor Certification Course

This course is constantly updated and can be completed at your own pace online.

I: The Science of Teaching

1. How to Teach Martial Arts Skills by Dr. Ann Boyce, Ph. D.

2. How to Structure Your Curriculum for High Retention by John Graden

3. How to Reduce Student Drop Out by John Graden

II: Physiology of Exercise

4. How to Conduct a Proper Warm-Up by Sarah Chung, M.A.

5. The Proper Execution of Calisthenics by Sharon B. Spalding, M. Ed.

6. The Proper Execution of  Flexibility Exercises by Tom. Thompson M.S.

7. How to Conduct a Proper Cool-Down by Sarah Chung, M.A.

8. Understanding General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) by Willy Pieter, Ph.D.

9. How to Teach Kicking Safely by Tim Niiler, M.S.

10. How to Teach Self-Defense Safely by Tim Rockford

11. How to Teach Sparring Safely by John Graden

III: Psychology of Teaching

12. Teaching Strategies by Age Group by Dr. Derenda Timmons Schubert, Ph. D.

13. How to Instill a Sense of Purpose in Your Students by Joe Lewis

14. How to Create a Healthy Hierarchy System by John Donohue, Ph.D.

15. The Power of Motivation and Charisma by Brian Tracy

16. Discipline, Praise, and Punishment by Gianine D. Rosenblum, Ph.D.

17. Teaching Character Skills Responsibly by Scot Conway, Esquire

18. Teaching Students with ADHD byDr. Derenda Timmons Schubert, Ph. D.

19. Working with Parents by Dr. Don Korzekwa, Ph. D.

IV: Reduce Liability

20. Crash Course in Law by Scot Conway, Esquire

21. Avoiding Negligence by Scot Conway, Esquire

22. Use and Maintenance of Equipment by Scot Conway, Esquire

23. Proper Use of Student Instructors by Scot Conway, Esquire

24. How to Avoid Sexual Harassment Liability by Scot Conway, Esquire

25. School Layout to Minimize Risk by Scot Conway, Esquire

26. Water for Student Safety by Scot Conway, Esquire

27. Proper Use of Release Forms by Scott Conway, Esquire

✅ The skills to create a positive, supportive, and exciting learning environment.

✅ The methods that ensure effective skill development.

✅ Learn the best practices to give feedback.

✅ Learn the active learning methods in class design that engage students.

✅ Learn how to succeed in any teaching role.

✅ Learn how to create a positive, supportive, and exciting learning environment.

Course Modules



Randy Baker martial arts instructor certificate

Course completed September 15, 2023

Many school owners assume that their staff understand what professional conduct is.

The Martial Arts Instructor Certification Course makes it very clear what boundaries need to be adhered to.

MATA Certification helps you avoid these issues.

nervous looking female student

Our Martial Arts Instructor Certification Program walks you through the potential liabilites in running a martial arts school.

karate kid has eyes closed during drill

Charismatic, confident leadership is a crucial skill to learn as an instructor.

MATA Certified instructors learn effective communication skills so they are clear and commanding.

The Blind Leading The Blind.
Most instructors simply mimic their own instructor’s communication and physical patterns.

Learn how to teach using established academic best practices.

martial arts lawsuit presented by 3 attorneys

It’s more than just what happens on the floor.

Let’s face it. We live in a litigious society where students will sue your school in a heartbeat.

It doesn’t matter if it was right or wrong, the legal bills will be high.

MATA Certification helps you avoid these issues.

Who Is The Instructor Certification Course For?

Martial Arts Instructors

It’s important for instructors to pursue continuing education like any other professional.

Martial Arts School Owners

Current martial arts school owners seeking to train their staff in the best practices for teaching.

Martial Arts Organizations

This course will help your members to succeed.

martial arts instructor certification support by chuck norris

John Corcoran was a mentor of John Graden and helped him to organize, write, and publish the first, MATA Instructor Certification Manual.

John Corcoran

MATA Certification Author and Board Member

“All the business skills in the world can’t make up for poor teaching. If you’re going to be at Martial Arts Professional, be the best. You’d be hard-pressed not to have a better example than John Graden.”

Brian Tracy–Certification Author and MATA Board Member (

“John Graden is the man responsible for some of the most successful Professional Martial Arts Organizations in the world.”

Black Belt Magazine

July 2004

Joe Lewis was a huge supporter of the Certification program from the start. He inducted John Graden into his prestigious Honor Roll in 2009. He also nominated him for the Martial Arts History Hall of Fame.

Joe Lewis–Certification Author and MATA Board Member

How to Get Started

Fox News article on martial arts instructors certification

Justin Faiferlick of Fort Dodge, IA enrolled in both the Instructor Certification and the Rank Advancement program.

The press release we wrote and distributed for him was picked up by 30+ major media sites. 


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  2. One-year MATA-Pro membership/$199 value.
  3. Beautiful 11 x 17 Graduation Certificate.
  4. Digital Certificate for social media and website.
  5. Press release crafted for your individual achievement and bio.
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