These Things Demonstrate That You Value What You Do:

1. Your Black Belt Club is only for students who have committed to earn their black belt.

2. Your black belt exam process includes extra classes and opportunities to train for black belt candidates.

3. You have a professionally designed logo and marketing materials.

4. You indoctrinate the student from day one on the value of earning a black belt.

5. You keep a very clean school and replace worn equipment.

6. You have systems for every aspect of your school.

7. You use agreements instead of a month-to-month option.

8. You fail students who do not perform to the standards of the rank.

9. You study and train like a student for life.

10. You realize you can’t be the best and the cheapest, so you commit to being the best.

The most successful school owners highly value what they do… and it shows in every aspect of their school.