Here are some tips to fill up your Summer Camp.

1. Register with all of the available local listings for Summer Camps.

Here is one example

2. Create a Facebook page for your Summer Camp.
Here is a good example

3. Recruit local schools to help you market your summer camp.

4. Offer an early bird special.

5. Send an email to past attendees reminding them of the early bird specials.

6. Encourage past attendees to tell their friends.

7. Create a Facebook Event for your camp.

8. Create an event for your camp.

9. Have a dedicated landing page or entire website for your summer camp.

10. Start to plan and recruit special guests, field trips, and classes that you can promote to the local media and on social media.

11. Create some promotional videos. Here is an example, but it may be a bit too much :0)

What do you think? 

John Graden
John Graden

John Graden is widely credited with leading the martial arts school business into the modern age. He is the founder of the first successful professional association and trade journal. MA Success editor John Corcoran first called him a “visionary” in 1995. Martial Arts World magazine dubbed him, The Teacher of Teachers. Mr. Graden’s leadership was recognized in many mainstream media outlets including a cover story on the Wall Street Journal, documentaries on A&E Network, and as a guest on the Dr. Oz Show and many others.