In this 13th episode, The Truth About the Martial Arts Business is that martial arts schools have to be responsible and careful of the intentions of their students.

Hi, I’m John Graden, we are in the middle of a massive disruption of law and order. Gun sales are through the roof, and Google searches for self-defense have spiked off the charts. People want to feel safe and secure.

Now that the pandemic has leveled off, anti-fa has taken over sections of big cities and is wreaking violent havoc on innocent Americans.

Undercover recordings of the terrorist group Anti-Fa reveal them teaching their members how to gouge eyes, strike the liver and put innocent people into rear-naked chokes.

These are dangerous techniques taught by unscrupulous martial arts instructors who are teaching how to abuse and misuse these skills. That is in contrast to when Melody Shuman discovered that one of the pilots that flew into the World Trade center on 911 had trained in her school in the months leading up to the attack.

One year after 911, I interviewed new york city police commissioner Bernard Kerik. He was protecting Mayor Rudy Giuliani throughout that fateful day.

Mr Kerik is also a 5th-degree black belt and credits much of his success to his martial arts training. He also has an excellent biography describing his amazing story.

He lays out some guidelines for martial arts schools to look out for students who may be abusing their training. I conducted this interview in a hotel lobby in Orlando about a year after the attack.

Next, we often hear the Japanese word kaizen thrown around as a commitment to continuous improvement. Are we seeing kaizen in traditional schools?

AntiFa video teaching eye gouge to followers.

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