Secret to Direct Mail Success

Even with the power of the web, historically, direct mail will only yield about 1% response of the total numbers of pieces. This different method in using direct mail, will yield dramatically better results.

Somewhere between a 10% to 30% response. The reason for the increase response from the traditional method of mass mailing, is our pro-active efforts of not waiting around for a customer to call us, WE CALL THEM! Many times in our marketing, we discuss the concept of having a powerful “Call to Action”.

This method of direct mail is no different. On Fridays, we mail the prospect a great offer for a VIP membership. This will give their family a 30 day trail membership, two private starter classes, and a free uniform.

Each staff member is responsible for mailing out only the amount of letters that they will be able to call and follow up on.

Our staff gives them a follow up call starting the following Monday, to schedule the family’s first private lesson.

Out of every 10 calls, depending on how well your staff is trained, they should set 1 to 3 appointments.

Action Steps:
1. Contact Info USA and order a mailing list of the zip codes within the areas of your school with the following criteria: The name, addresses, and phone numbers of the families that own their own home, have children 5 to 12, and make a combined income of $30,000 per year.

2. Have your staff thoroughly train on the following phone procedure for the follow up call:

Hello, my name is Barry Van Over and I am from East West Karate. We mailed your family a free VIP to our school. This free membership includes two private starter lessons, a free uniform, and a month of free classes, with no commitment to continue! I was calling to set an appointment for anyone in your family that is interested in this VIP free membership to come to our school for their first private lesson, receive their free uniform, and get a class schedule to start their free month. This is a one time special offer and it is a great time of year to start self-defense classes. I have an opening on Monday at 4:30 p.m. or Tuesday at 6:00 p.m., which would be best for you?

3. Every Friday, have each member of your staff address and insert the letter of as many envelopes as they can call the next week (actual letter is attached). I think 50 each is a fair number.
4. Use plain white envelopes with no logos, have the envelops hand addressed and use a normal stamp. These steps will insure that the letter is opened and not just thrown away.
5. Then have your hi-energy, pro-active staff start the follow up calls on Monday.