18 Ways to Blog Content

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1. Create an eye for potential blog content and topics. When you have a phone conversation or a good class, recap the teaching points of the lesson and spin them into a blog.

2. Find some other blogs in the arts and use your blog to comment or offer an opinion on your colleague’s blogs.

3. Invite other people in your field to write “guest” articles on your blog and offer to do the same for them.

4. Review products that are relevant to what you teach. In some cases, businesses will send you copies of their products in ex-change for a review.

5. Turn your life into a series of lessons. Did you get good service on your last flight? If you did or did not, translate what you experienced into relevant teaching points for your audience.

6. Address common public misunderstandings about the martial arts.

7. Polls and Surveys. Using a simple solution like SurveyMonkey. com, you can solicit readers to vote on topics and then share and analyze the results.

8. Interview interesting people both in and out of the arts who can bring some value to your audience.

9. Do a case study of one or more of your students. Be careful not to violate privacy issues, but case studies are powerful for teaching.

10. Invite your readers to use the comments section to request blog topics.

11. Do a Best Practices vs. Worst Practices series of blogs.

12. What have been your biggest challenges and how did you overcome them?

13. What film and / or TV roles portraying people in martial arts have been most accurate and / or inaccurate?

4. What is the new trend in the martial arts or in general? Check out http://www.google.com/trends to find out what’s hot.

15. Comment on national news from your martial arts’ perspective. How could you have saved someone stress, trouble, or even a life?

16. Compile stats from martial arts studies.

17. Use a service like Google Reader to scan headlines to find interesting and relevant stories to comment on.

18. Take an martial arts how to book and break it up into bite-sized blog posts with full credit to the author (be sure not to reprint the entire book and get permission.)