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Nothing drives buyer confidence, or lack thereof, more today than online reviews. Google places HUGE importance on reviews so it is to your advantage to give your school reviews some serious attention.

Here are Three Powerful Tips to Explode Your Reviews

1. Focus on Facebook and Google ONLY

Focus your reviews on Facebook and Google rather than diluting them across a bunch of different sites. Google loves Google and YouTube. Google does NOT love YELP, MANTA or any of the other sites out there. Google will rank Google.

Facebook is their largest competitor now. 95% of your market is on Facebook, so leaving a review is SUPER EASY for them. Make sure your school’s Facebook page has a Review Tab.

2. Make It Easy For People To Review You.

Check out this step-by-step How to Review Us page from MATA Website member United Martial Arts Center in Victor, NY. Every MATA Website has a Reviews page with this step-by-step process.

3. Give Your Reviews Life with Video 

Give your reviews life with video and rank them on YouTube. Watch me rank a review video in 3-minutes on YouTube. This video is just 2-minutes long.  Watch it.

We can create these videos for you. Check out the page.