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Our guest today is one my mentors and the mentor to thousands, Mr Brian Tracy. Brian is not only one of the world’s leading motivational speaker and sales coach, he is a black belt and a contributing author to the MATA Instructor Certification program at MATACertification.com

After the interview, our Teach Like a Pro Tip of the Week for martial arts instructors is on How to Correct Skills in the classroom.

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  • Why curriculum is critical to the sales process
  • Holding on to old methods and old ways that don’t get you results
  • Martial arts teachers become convinced that these are the only ways there are because they are the only ways they know.
  • Martial arts instructors rule-Anything Worth Learning Is Worth Doing Poorly at First.
  • The key to successful teaching in a Martial Arts School is that the students must like the instructor
  • The key to running a successful Martial Arts School is referral by happy students

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