Season 1, Episode 6

Emergency Interview with
The Lease Coach, Dale Willerton

by | Mar 25, 2020

With the coronavirus pandemic blanketing the world, many martial arts school owners can’t conduct group classes for at least the next month or two. This creates beehive of complexity and questions about how they are going to pay their rent.

Our guest, The Lease Coach, Dale Willerton gives us the answers.

Show 6–Guest: Dale Willerton

Many martial arts schools are concerned about how to pay rent in the midst of this worldwide pandemic. This creates beehive of complexity and questions. Our guest, Dale Willerton The Lease Coach, gives us the answers.


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:24 What % of gross should rent be for a martial arts school?

1:15 What Dale is hearing out there from School owners.

2:23 Are schools in the risk of being evicted?

4:10 What school owners are saying and why their plan is bad

4:20 how to approach the landlord

5:30 what landlord will tell you.

5:45 should you pay this months’ rent? 

6:45 Who should you contact?

6:50 What is the best way to contact them?

7:00 What to say.

8:00 what you can expect them to say

8:30 the key strategy in communications

9:00 document everything

10:00 Real client story from this week.

 10:45 How landlords value tenants

 11:45 Actual email exchanges

12:15 business interruption insurance

12:45 How to start a paper trail that you will need to get government assistance

12:30 What answers did the client get?

13:30 important communication strategy with PM or landlord

 13:58 On a regular month, how many tenants fail to make rent?

 14:15 Common excuses for not paying rent.

 14:35 What you DO NOT WANT TO DO

  16:00 Where owners get into trouble

 16:20 Rent relief

 16:50 Rent abatement

 17:30 What you must find out about the landlord

17:50 The mistake in the negotiation most owners make

18:10 How to negotiate back rent

19:15 Discounted rent

19:30 how the landlord will pull other entities you work with into the negotiations

20:15 What landlords will ask you that you will not expect

21:00 Length of the Rent Relief Plan

21:15 Different ways to document the new arrangements

21:30 What if you owe money from past months already?

21:45 What NOT to say to the landlord!

21:50 Who the landlord is willing to help and who he/she is not.

22:10 Where your track record makes a huge difference

22:50 What if you have a renewal coming up?

23:00 When should you start the renewal negotiations?

23:14 “Martial arts business owners are some of the worse at….”

24:28 The potential gap in “the story” between the landlord, the PM and you

25:15 The best way to confirm verbal agreements

25:40 How to balance email and phone calls when negotiating

25:45 The mindset of going to the landlord with a cup instead of a pail

26:00 Dale’s Rent Assistant Project to help you negotiate your rent.

They will coach the owner or take the negotiations over for a one-time payment of $1500 all within 45 – 60 days of enrollment.

27:00 How Dale will help you negotiate your lease including waving any back rent

28:15 The ultimate rent negotiation tactic

30:00 Q n A with Dale

What is Force Majeure?

Dales Offer. $1,500 to coach you through the negotiation process OR his team will do the negotiations for you. Interested? Shoot us an email to let us know.


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