Running a martial arts school can be tough. The money, time, resources, and skills necessary to run your martial arts school successfully can sometimes be in short supply, but the MATA can help. Select one of our exclusive membership packages and see how the MATA can help you start, run and grow your martial arts school.

Knowing how to run a martial arts school is no guarantee of martial arts school success. That’s because operating a martial arts school and building a thriving business requires totally different skills and expertise.

The key to sustainable growth and profit has always been operational competence coupled with great business skills.’

Join our network of thousands of independent martial arts school owners who are learning new skills, making better business decisions, applying new tools and improving their results.

Many people who open a martial arts school don’t fully understand the role they should playing as the owner. They’re convinced that teaching good classes will lead to martial arts school success, when in reality, this mindset is often the fatal flaw behind many underperforming or failed schools. Find out what martial arts school owners SHOULD be doing instead. is for martial arts school owners who are serious about improving their martial arts school business.

We believe what martial arts school owners don’t know costs them lots of money. And many, if not most,  martial arts schools struggle and ultimately fail because the owner lacks the fundamental business skills and tools to manage the business side of the martial arts school. 

This causes a lack of understanding of how the martial arts school is actually performing and results in faulty decision-making based more on intuition, gut feel and emotion as opposed to facts.

Another reason  martial arts schools struggle is they are operationally disorganized. We provide the systems building solutions for every school regardless of style or location.

Martial Arts Teachers’ Association Memberships:

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