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Learn how TASMA creates 3 – 6 times as much revenue as standard martial arts programs while remaining compliant with state law.

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Welcome to the All New Transported After-School Martial Arts System!

TASMA is the ONLY After-School System with a 25+ year history of success for owners just like you.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

  • Brannon Beliso Brannon Beliso One Martial Arts
    Jim King is an advocate for every school owner running an after school program. He knows the laws and has a passion to help you when you have challenges. Jim is relentless in protecting your business and keeping you exempt.
  • Kevin Bergquist Kevin Bergquist
    Huge thanks to TASMA and Grandmaster Jim King! Not only did he help us make the necessary changes in our program, but he also personally dealt with the state licensing boards on our behalf! We are so happy that we are able to continue to influence and elevate the lives of our students and community through the Martial Arts! Thank you, TASMA!
  • Cody Wilson Cody Wilson El Cerito Martial
    TASMA is the absolute best investment you can make in your Martial Arts School. Jim is incredible and his experience in this field is what sets him apart from anyone else out there.  Jim King is a problem solver and can help you with any challenges you may be having with your program. Jim and the TASMA team are also very generous with their time and have shared all the small details that can really make the difference in your program much more smoothly, safely and efficiently. If you are thinking about running an after school program in United States, Canada or Overseas Jim King's TASMA is without a doubt what you need to be successful.
  • Adrian Ellis Adrian Ellis President, Winning Karate
    I've been teaching martial arts for over 40 years and I have worked with some of the great minds in the industry. Jim' King's TASMA Program is simple and easy to follow but, what's great is he has always been available to discuss any issues me or my staff have. We have tripled our numbers and continue to see amazing growth. I would highly commend anyone consider after school program or summer camp karate, get this program
  • Master Will Schneider Master Will Schneider President/CEA Elite Martial Arts & Fitness
    The TASMA program is a must do for school owners.  I have two locations (possibly more in the future) and I highly recommend it.  The weekly, monthly, and yearly cash flow is excellent; and is a must have service for parents.  Master King and his staff are always very friendly and great to work with.  I’ve visited his location many times and it works! Feel free to contact me for any further questions about this great program.
  • Heidi Chapman Heidi Chapman President, Pak's Karate
    We have been in the martial arts business for over 20 years and have had an after school program for the past 10 years. The first 2 of those years I spent stumbling around trying to figure out how to create the program and make it profitable. And then I discovered Jim King and the turnkey TASMA program. Our success rate has been solid now since we began following the TASMA program and Jim King has been indispensable in assisting us in navigating the world of state daycare laws. Shihan King has personally gone to bat for us in regards to contacting our state officials to make sure that we were legal to operate our program in our state. There are so many other “after school martial arts programs” that will show you how to attract students but none of them will show you how to preserve that program and keep you out of trouble with your state. I have no reservations in recommending Jim King and the TASMA program for any martial arts school owner who wants to start an after school program the right way!
  • Marshal Gagne Marshal Gagne President, Marshall Gagne Hapkido
    I am Grandmaster Marshall Gagne with over 45 years in the martial art. I have spent my whole life teaching professionally. If it wasn’t for Jim King’s after school program I would have went under years ago - especially after 2001 in Michigan.   He has become my best friend and advisor and I am proud to say I fed my family and raised my kids on the after school and summer camp and never missed a payroll in about 20 years.  If you’re struggling to keep your doors open his programs are the best for our society and the best for having a good income.
  • Milin Desai Milin Desai President, Mil's Karate
    When I decided to open up my own school I knew I wanted to have an After School Program and I knew I would go to Mr. King for the TASMA. With no knowledge of the business side of the Martial Arts school I was able to follow step by step instructions on starting an After School Program.  Mr. King was very helpful in answering any questions and help with any issues I had.

1. Are you teaching more but not earning more?

2. Are you willing to learn how to
smarter instead of harder?

3. Does the list below describe you?

  • Is your student body mostly kids?
  • Are you teaching 20+classes a week?
  • Would you like to get 3 - 6 times the tuition for each student?
  • Would you like to help families with a necessity rather than a "luxury?"
  • Would you like to have some free time in the evenings and weekends?
  • Have you considered an after-school program but not sure how to get started?
  • Are you ready for a higher return for your investment of time, stress, and money?

If most of your answers were "YES" we can help.


What is TASMA? +

Since its launch in the mid-1990s, the Transported After School Martial Arts program (TASMA) has been the gold standard of after school programs. There is no program in the martial arts that will enroll more students and create more income than the TASMA program. We will show you how.

Who Needs TASMA? +

Families need TASMA! There will always be children who absolutely MUST be in daycare, extended day at school or with a babysitter after school. Why not have them at your school learning a talent and skill while paying you 3 to 6 times what regular students pay?

I Don’t Want to Be a Baby Sitter +

This is not baby sitting or daycare. This is a regular martial arts program that is taught five days a week after-school. The kids advance in rank, pay test fees, spar with equipment, and learn how to be leaders.

Is There Really a Market for This? +

TASMA worked 25-years ago and it will work 25-years from now because working parents will always need to have their children somewhere after school. The choice is running around a chaotic playground or daycare or learning martial arts at your school.

What is the Difference Between my Regular Kids Class and TASMA? +

To a family, regular martial arts classes are a luxury and an expensive one at that. Kids don’t need to take martial arts, they want to. Then, just as fast, they want to quit.

TASMA is a necessity for families. Kids have to be supervised after school. They will end up at a daycare or someone else’s after-school program. Why not yours

What About Transportation? +

Transportation is the backbone of the TASMA program. There are several ways to accomplish this and we will show you the safest, most cost effective way to get your students from their school to your school.

The TASMA Advantage +

Jim King’s TASMA has been showing schools how to increase income and profits while decreasing their workload. No one has the long-term track record of success in helping martial arts schools plan, launch, and operate a highly profitable after-school program.

Do I Have to Do TASMA Full Time? +

You are welcome to keep teaching your evening classes. After all, it’s your business. However, you may at some point want to just focus on TASMA as a way to reduce your teaching hours and free up your weekends by earning more money for less time.

Do I Have to Call My Program TASMA? +

While many owners use the TASMA acronym and association to created a more professional and nationally connected image, you are not required to use the TASMA name in your branding or marketing.

What is the Difference in Tuition? +

As you can see with our TASMA Income Calculator at the top of this page, you can make 3 - 6 times your regular tuition with TASMA. After-school students pay WEEKLY. Regular students pay MONTHLY. Which would you prefer, $149 a month or $79 per week?

What about Summertime and Other School Breaks? +

Downtime at public schools creates additional income opportunities for you. You have a captive market for a summer camp, fall break, and Christmas break. Because these breaks are full days, we will show you how you can easily charge $130 - $170 per week, depending on your market.

How Much Room Do I Need? +

You can project that you need about 1,000 square feet per 40 students. Most schools already have this in place. One of the advantages of the TASMA is that you don’t need a high profile location. Parents will find you because they need you.

What About Competitors? +

As a TASMA client, your competition is daycare and not other martial arts schools. We will show you how to elevate your program above all after-school programs in your area. It’s all in the marketing and the quality of service your provide. We’ll show you how to be five star in each.

Also, Silver Shield Members have an exclusive 10-mile protected radius for TASMA.

How TASMA Works for You

Year One Income Potential Per After-School Student

  • Registration fee = $50
  • $79 Weekly tuition for 38 weeks = $3,002
  • $139 Weekly fees for camps and full day school breaks = $1,807
  • Test fees (Annually) = $210
  • Ninja Night = $150 (5-9 per year @ $30 each)
  • Equipment = $100

Total Income for ONE STUDENT $5,319

What's Included

Consulting and Coaching with the Experts at TASMA and MATA +

If you have a “situation” or need some quick advice, we’re a phone call, email, or text away.

Monthly Video Strategy Sessions +
    1. Facebook Marketing
    2. Seasonal Marketing
    3. Skype with Successful Owners
    4. Advanced Business Strategy Sessions
Access to TASMA Member Website +

This members Only website will be your central hub for TASMA University, Marketing Downloads, Archived video and more.

Access to Exclusive Online TASMA University +

Our course is comprehensive and will provide you with the skills and understanding needed to create a successful TASMA program.

Opportunity to get TASMA Certified +

Elevate your after-school program above the others with your TASMA certification designation on your website and the walls of your school.

Martial Arts Teachers Association (MATA) Life Skills Curriculum +

All schools say that they teach life skills, but TASMA goes the extra mile with the age specific life skill lessons, stories, discussions, and even physical drills and games from MATA. All schools say that they teach life skills, but your school goes the extra mile with age specific life skill lessons, stories, discussions, and even physical drills and games.

Private Facebook Group Networking +

Quickly access our private Facebook Group for instant networking and updates.

Professional Marketing Materials +

The all new, updated TASMA will provide you with top notch Facebook posts, ads and memes plus flyers, postcards or after-school, summer camps, school breaks and all activities related to TASMA.

Promo Videos for Your Programs +

Video is king so we’ll keep a steady stream of fresh and captivating promotional videos for all aspects of your TASMA program.

Branded Website +

To make sure you look your best, we’ll provide you with a complete website that will have email capture, video, and testimonials and reviews.

Comprehensive TASMA Operations and Marketing Manual +

This is the 2018 edition of the TASMA Operations and Marketing Manual.

Secure Your Territory +

Each license will have exclusive rights to offer TASMA within a ten-mile radius.

TASMA Table of Contents

Foreword by John Graden

Introduction by Tim McCahan

Preface by Jim King

Chapter 1: TASMA Overview

Chapter 2: The Value of After-School Students

Chapter 3: Selecting a Location

Chapter 4: Tools of the Trade

Chapter 5: How to Establish a Rate

Chapter 6: Setting Up Transportation

Chapter 7: Negotiating with a Transportation Service

Chapter 8: Marketing and How to Get Into Schools

Chapter 9: Staffing Your After School Program

Chapter 10: Codes and Exemptions

Chapter 11: Subsidizing and Grants

Chapter 12: How to Answer the Phone

Chapter 13: Payment Procedures

Chapter 14: ADD/ADHD

Chapter 15: Moneymakers and Incentives

Chapter 16: Ninja Nites

Chapter 17: Selling Snacks

Chapter 18: In-School Tournaments

Chapter 19: Pro Shop Sales      

Chapter 20: Testing Fees and Procedures

Chapter 21: Seminars

Chapter 22: Videos

Chapter 23: Weapons Training

Chapter 24: Games

Chapter 25: Daily Operation of TASMA

Chapter 26: How To Run a Summer Camp


TASMA Membership Options

What is a TASMA Charter Membership?

As part of this new, updated incarnation of TASMA, we're looking for a group of serious, ambitious school owners to hit the ground running with the program and, with our help, reach new levels of success fast. These will be our Charter or Founding Members. They will be the example of what can be accomplished with TASMA.

We will work hard with Charter members to help them be successful as soon as possible. In exchange for this massive discount and short track to success, we will expect Charter members to provide progress updates, interviews, and presentations via video, Facebook live, or at our conferences to, in turn, help new members to grow with TASMA.

We have a limited number of Charter Memberships available. If you would like to take advantage of a reduced investment and increased personal help to succeed, contact us right away.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because there are few spots and much interest, contact us about Charter membership only if you are serious about taking a spot. Tire kickers need not apply. Charter members are expected to be ethical, sharing professionals with high levels of integrity.

TASMA Membership Investment

Bronze Shield Membership Fee

Option 1) $599 initial investment. $599 per month for 11 months.  

Total investment: $7,188. Renews at $599 per month.

Option 2) $5,999 annually (Save $1,198). Renews at $5,999 annually.

Charter Member DISCOUNTED Fee–Contact us

Silver Shield Membership Fee

Option 1) $1,999 initial investment. $999 per month for 11 months.

Total investment: $12,988. Renews at $999 for 12 months.

Option 2) $9,999 annually. Renews at $9,999 per annually. (Save $2,989 annually)

Charter Member DISCOUNTED Fee–Contact us

The Gold Shield

$995 per month.