Seasonal Marketing

Every Week

Week One – Email your newsletter out

Week Two – gift to students’ anniversary. Give them one month free for every year they’ve been with you.

Week Three – Send media releases out and/or write articles for local media outlets (newspapers, corporate newsletters, local papers, etc…). Articles can be inspiring stories about your students, tip, nutrition, self-defense etc…

Week Four – Send Birthday cards with


April Marketing

  1. April Fools Day
  2. Walk America / March of Dimes (4th weekend)
  • Participate, as a school, in the Walk America event with everyone in Empower Kickboxing™ apparel.
  • You can step it up by purchasing special t-shirts for the walk – put your Empower Kickboxing™ logo in a prominent place on the shirt and give one free to every member who takes part in the event.
  1. National Public Health Week. Promote free training during this week. It’s just a new angle for the same offer of a free week.
  2. Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Promote seminars specific to sexual assault. We suggest you look strongly at Cobra-Defense for this.