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The Martial Arts Teachers’ Association (MATA) is a professional organization that helps martial arts school owners and instructors improve their teaching skills and grow their schools with proven marketing, management, and curriculum design.

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  1. Bill Spivey

    EXCELLENT! And, I mean that. Thank you so much for that. I try to use the word “better.” Then follow up with something like “now, next time try for more speed or power or better stance.” About teaching kids, just got into “debate” on a MA facebook thing they have. About teaching “fun & games” to kids. It got a little nasty when I said that we do not teach games, I teach karate. Maybe they are so desparate to stay open that they teach that kind of stuff. I look at it as stealing for the parents. Telling them that their kids are learning martial arts when all they are doing is learn “recess.”

    • John Graden

      So true. Some instructors are more afraid of a mom than a mugger. :0)

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