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  1. CrinosKarate

    Hi John,
    Former Commissioner Kerik is a 100% correct, Martial Arts School have a Duty and Responsibility to question something that doesn’t seem right.

    5 to 6 years ago two Middle Eastern gentleman approx: ages 20 to 30, signed up for classes. One was laid back (lets call him One) and the other (lets call him Two) had these crazy eyes and anxious to start and also paid for a month of lessons. First class was basics: Punches / Kicks / Blocks.

    One – had a pretty good handle on the basics, which showed he’d trained before.

    Two – was totally clues – we worked on punches the entire class. When he was punching his eyes were popping and he had this physco look on his face.

    They both came back for the next class and we continued what was covered in the 1st. Two was a little calmer that day.

    The following week.

    One – Dropped out

    Two continued – we moved up to kicks and the week after blocks. At the end of the last class that week. Two’s gi top opened and he had a large Red Circle tattooed covering his stomach and chest.

    I inquired about it and he denied he had one. Bing Bing Bing the bell’s are going off.. So that night I called a parent of a student whose is NYPD and had some Terrorist exposure. I explained to him what I saw and he said he’d call me back the next day. The next day he pointed me to a site and I found the same tat or similar.

    I then texted another parent, whose in the FBI and I filled him in. He put me in contact with another FBI agent, who came with a second agent to the dojo to talk to me. I described the tat and provided them with names, addresses and contact info and they left.

    About a month or two later I found out I was right, they were investigated and picked up. I never heard anything about it again.

    Sil Crino
    Crino’s Martial Arts a Family Run School