As Crime Rates Rise, Blue Ridge Self-Defense Instructor Meets the Demand for Safety

Crime is on the rise so it’s no surprise that the demand for self-defense training is as well. The owner of Blue Ridge COBRA Defense specializes in reality-based self-defense training for individuals, groups, children, and corporations.

Child Anti-Abduction Class

Children’s Anti-Abduction Class

Self-defense expert Brian Cuthbert says, “The world is becoming a more dangerous and unstable place. We teach people how to deal with this in a comfortable, safe, and effective manner.”

The Self-Defense Keychain Starts with Awareness.

Smart Phones Have Become Dangerous Distractors

Smart Phones Have Become Dangerous Distractors

Cuthbert teaches students how to be more aware. He says, “99% of self-defense is situational awareness. Distance is always your best defense so if you can recognize and leave a potentially dangerous situation before it starts, you’ve defended yourself without engaging with anyone.”

According to Cuthbert, what most people don’t understand is that the attacker always has the advantage. Cuthbert calls it the secret advantage most people are unaware of.

He explains, “Bad people with bad intentions choose the time, the place, and the method of attack.” We teach our students to mitigate that by paying attention to where they are and when they are there. 3 am at a Walmart parking lot or an ATM is not good timing in the equation.”

Transitional spaces such as getting into your car or an elevator are also places where people can be distracted and open to attack.

Self-Defense Classes in Blue Ridge

Located in Moneta, VA, Cuthbert teaches self-defense because he enjoys helping people. As a person who has been in martial arts all his life, he wants his community, and the world to be in a safer place. Cuthbert says, “we are committed to training men, women and children, and corporations both large and small how to protect themselves during these chaotic times effectively.”

Children Learn How to Evade and Escape Adult Attackers

Children Learn How to Evade and Escape Adult Attackers

Cuthbert offers a variety of self-defense classes at his school or on location. Classes include Self-Defense for WomenActive-Shooter Response Plan, Anti-Bully Plan, Real Estate Safety and Self-Defense, Young Adult Safety and Self-Defense, Adult Academy, Kids Camps, Security Professional Training, and others including custom courses for organizations, corporations, families, or individuals.

Blue Ridge COBRA Defense is located at 1039 Mayberry Crossing Drive Moneta VA 24121.