Bring John Graden to Your School

Bring the experience of John Graden into your community.

Have John Graden train your team, and teach public and private seminars at your school.

John Graden in one-minute

Self-defense seminars can include Active Shooter, Anti-Abduction/Anti-Bully, Realtor Safety, Adult Self-Defense, and Self-Defense for Children.

Sparring seminars are also on the menu. A protege' of the late, great Joe Lewis, Mr. Graden has been a fighter, official, and coach for many World Champion WAKO USA Teams. 

Options for what Mr. Graden can do for you.

These options can all be modified to fit your needs.

  • Mr. Graden will watch live classes and use what he observes to customize a training workshop with your staff.

  • Mr. Graden will workshop and train your team with role plays and scenario training.

  • Teach public seminar on Sparring, Anti-Bully/Anti-Abduction, Active Shooter Response, Self-Defense for Realtors™ or general Self-Defense.

  • A value equation analysis is a detailed process that includes everything from curriculum review, testing, class structure, tuition options and more to make sure you're providing your students with maximum value.

  • If you tie this rank presentation with a special event such as an exam with maximum attendance, being promoted in rank by Mr. Graden is a great way to pump up school spirit and local publicity.

    Obviously, the required qualifications must be met.
  • Mr. Graden is open to suggestions and requests to make sure you get the most out of his visit.

John Graden will also help you to generate media coverage for his visit.

Mr. Graden is Not a Paper Tiger

For those of you who think he is all about the business, his WAKO World Championships with the USA Team and legacy as a Joe Lewis protege might change your mind.

In fact, Black Belt magazine did a cover story on Mr. Graden and his brother Jim’s relationship with the late legend. The story was called, “Passing the Torch” and it was Joe Lewis proclaiming that when he passes on, he was passing the torch to the Gradens.

John Graden’s Career Timeline

2018 – Launches the Martial Arts Teacher's Association Certification Program

2016 – Author, The Martial Arts Teachers’ Certification Manual

2015 – Author, Who Killed Walt Bone?

2014 – Founder, Empower Kickboxing

2012 – Founder, Empower Boxing

2011 – Author, The Art of Marketing Without Marketing

2008 – Author, The Impostor Syndrome

2004 – Founder, Martial Arts Teachers’ Association

2003 – Author, The Truth About the Martial Arts Business

1998 – Author, How to Open and Operate a Successful Martial Arts School

1996 – Founder, The American Council on Martial Arts (ACMA)

1995 – Founder – Martial Arts Professional Magazine

1993 – Founder – National Association of Professional Martial Artists

1987 – Host and Producer of the USA Karate TV show in Tampa Bay, FL

1986 – Opened USA Karate – Prior Fighter, Coach, and Official for many World Champion WAKO USA Teams

A Typical Visit Schedule

  1. Wednesday travel to your school.
  2. Wednesday evening I watch your classes.
  3. Thursday staff training.
  4. Thursday evening I watch your classes.
  5. Friday staff training.
  6. Friday evening school seminars.
  7. Saturday public seminars, belt promotion.
  8. Sunday travel.

I will help create media interest by providing you with a press release etc... to gain coverage.

This type of itinary ranges from $2,500-$5,000 plus travel and hotel.

If you're interested in hosting Mr. Graden, just email him with this link and provide your name, phone, and email.