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Iranian Defector: “All I want is taekwondo.”

Iranian Defector: “All I want is taekwondo.”

Iran's Taekwondo Olympic medalist has announced on Instagram that she is defecting.  Taekwondo bronze medal winner, Kimia Alizadeh is Iran's sole female Olympic medal winner. EVER. She accused the Iranian government of "oppression," “lying” and “injustice." She also...

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FREE AUDIO Chapter 1 of “Who Killed Walt Bone?”

Official Audiobook by John Graden Who Killed Walt Bone? This true coming of age story is like The Karate Kid meets Breaking Bad with drugs, sex, and murder all set in a 1970s karate school. Listen to the first chapter now for free. Buy the Book Paperback | KindleMeet...

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Elvis Presley Karate Gi and Belt

Elvis Loved Karate Elvis Karate Gi and Belts for SaleThese photos are of the one gi top and two belts for sale.The Story of These ItemsMy local paper, The St. Petersburg Times article on my original purchase of the collection.The page from Julians Auction devoted to...

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