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Since 1993, MATA has been the must-have membership for martial arts school owners. Get all the tools, connections, and answers you need to succeed. The Martial Arts Teacher of Teachers "On his path of inspiration, motivation, and unparalleled success, John Graden has...

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Why Do-It-Yourself Billing is More Expensive To illustrate, let’s use 10 percent in total fees as an easy number on the high end for tuition billing. If you could collect $10,000 without using the billing company, but the billing company could collect the same $10,000, no more or...

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How Much Is Your Tuition Really? This is a little drill that can make grown black belts cry. Here is an audit you can do to help you understand how much tuition you are really collecting each month per student. 1. Total Tuition Collected: Take last year’s total tuition...

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Discounting Past Due Contracts When I was publishing Martial Arts Professional magazine, we sold advertising to clients who wanted to reach and sell to our readers. Occasionally, an advertiser wanted to cancel the contract. In the publishing world, the process for...

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