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You Begin Teaching

If you are a martial arts instructor today, odds are that you began teaching classes for your instructor shortly before or after you earned your black belt. You became a good teacher, but you were still under the control of your instructor, and you loyally taught and...

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Where I Lost My Way

Know who you are, and why you are doing this. When I became a billing client of EFC, I attended one of their seminars in Atlanta. I was doing pretty good, but nothing like some of the EFC stars of the day. Still, it seemed the guys in Atlanta knew my name as a...

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The Golden Child of Martial Arts

In time, like me, many of you became the “golden child” of your martial arts school. You trained harder than anyone, and you were the best or one of the best students in the school. By the time I was a first-degree brown belt, I rarely lost a sparring match against...

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Congruency in Values

A personal brand works best when it is an authentic, congruent, and consistent representation of you. In this context, congruency means that your actions reflect your values. If you value honesty but are prone to gossip, exaggeration, or lying to protect yourself,...

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Black Belt Scandals

Here in the Tampa Bay area – the 12th largest TV market in the U.S. – the local CBS TV affiliate did a three-part series called “Black Belt Scandals.” The series exposed a local instructor who had White-Out® on his rank certificate. You could see a 3 was replaced with...

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In The Big Dream

In the Big Dream, an employment agency, ran a series of commercials that I thought were great. These spots portrayed children describing their future. Most kids dream of jobs like doctor, fireman, or astronaut when they grow up. They dream big dreams. In...

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