After-School Martial Arts

Martial Arts After-School and Summer Camp Resources

3 Reasons to Host a Summer Camp While regular martial arts classes can dip in attendance over the summer with students going on vacations, there are still plenty of families that need a safe, structured place for their children to be at Monday - Friday. Here are...

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After School Programs

Add New Row Edit ElementClone ElementAdvanced Element OptionsMoveRemove Element 6 FIGURE BUSINESS – 20 HOURS PER WEEK Teaching Kids Martial Arts After-School! [headline style="1" font_spacing="0" align="left"...

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Anti-Bully Instructor Training Course

Learn How to Teach a Law Enforcement-Based Anti-Bully Seminar in Your Area. The problem with most martial arts bully plans is that it’s mostly physical with a little verbal-defense thrown in. Parents today do not trust Bully Busters or Bully Proof programs. How can...

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