How to Teach an Anti-Bully Seminar in 2019

How to Teach an Anti-Bully Seminar in 2019

To learn how to teach an anti-bully seminar, go to my 23-minute webinar, How to Stop Bullying: A Parents Guide

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

how to teach an anti-bullying seminar

How To Teach An Anti-Bullying Seminar

If you are planning a bully seminar, please take the time to research the basis for what you are going to teach. 

Recently, someone promoted a webinar where he was going to present the “right way” for martial arts instructors to teach a bully program.

The actual webinar had little or nothing to do with how to teach an anti-bullying seminar.

Like many “bully experts,” he/she taught an academic presentation that was 2-parts statistics and 1-part sidewalk psychologist. 

Where you get your information from is really important.

If you are simply repeating the “Bully-Proof” program your instructor taught you, then you are perpetuating weak information. 

No one can be bully proof. Any can be bullied. 

We see it every day on the news. If someone doesn’t like the political views of another, they hit them in the head with a padlock in a sock or pepper spray them. 

Many of the victims are prominent figures. Wouldn’t you think a congressman would have the resources to be bully-proof? If he can’t, how can your 7-year-old student be bully-proof?

Who deals with bullies every day of the year? Street cops and prison guards that’s who. I’m sure there are others, but I use this example because the bully program MATA uses and endorses comes straight from a former street cop and prison guard.

Chris Sutton was both, and he’s combined that experience into his COBRA-Defense program

Here is why that is important. As a cop and a maximum-security prison guard, Chris dealt with the worst of the worst of bullies. 

Here is the important part. He would have to write a report on each incident.

After a decade of documenting the setup, motivation, actions, and reactions of countless bullies and victims, he started to see predictable patterns that were based in reality, not academic theory.

The program is proactive and prevention-focused, but it also has powerful actions to end bullying quickly once it starts.

If you’d like to learn more about it, check out my 23-minute webinar that covers the program and how to teach an anti-bullying seminar.

Why Promoting Parents Night Out on Social Media is a Bad Idea

Why Promoting Parents Night Out on Social Media is a Bad Idea

martial arts parents night out facebook ad

Promoting your Parents Night Out (PNO) online is an invitation to get a visit from the Department of Children and Families (DCF). 

Charging for children to be at your school for the PNO is illegal in many states. That’s why we suggest that you charge for the food and drinks and make the event free. Give the kids a wristband that shows they paid.

PNOs should be only held in-house with your students and THEIR guests.

DCF trolls the web, especially Facebook, for these types of events. Limit your promotions to internal flyers and announcements plus emailing your current and past students.


How to Charge for Parents Night Out

How to Charge for Parents Night Out

If you charge for kids to stay at your martial arts school for a Parents Night Out event, you may be in violation of your state code.

The issue is that you are charging to take care of the children. That makes you a daycare center (even though it’s at night, the law still applies).

The way to stay safe is to make the event free but charge for food and drink. Give the kids a wristband that shows they paid.

Jim King in Orlando charges $30 per child. He averages $2,200 and enrolls after-school students from the current student guest list.


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