Planning Your Martial Arts School

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Summer Camp Insurance

It's very important if you're holding a summer camp, to reach out to your agent and make sure that your current insurance policy will cover the summer camp. Your martial arts insurance agent needs to know how many students are going to come and how many hours of the...

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Empower Kickboxing Testimonial

Tae kwon do teacher loves Empower Kickboxing

“I am an old school “tae kwon do” instructor. Everything Mr. Graden said about the complexity of teaching traditional karate was true.

I switched over to Empower Kickboxing when COVID hit. Teaching Empower Kickboxing helped me retain students over COVID and online. 

I didn’t lose one student because of the transition. They all loved the new curriculum. 

I cut my teaching hours in half and I no longer have to do intros. 

This has allowed me to create a unique brand to separate us from other schools.

Mr. Geno Guevara
Alamo Ranch Martial Arts