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6. Dale Willerton: The Coronavirus and Your Rent

Season 1, Episode 6 Emergency Interview with The Lease Coach, Dale WillertonWith the coronavirus pandemic blanketing the world, many martial arts school owners can’t conduct group classes for at least the next month or two. This creates beehive of complexity and...

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Business Plan Structure and Content

 Mission Statement What business are you in now and what business do you want to be in? This may seem like a very strange question; it should be obvious what business you are in. However, this is not necessarily the case. Some studios start out teaching family...

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Planning Your Martial Arts School

 Level 10 Martial Arts College, Palm Harbor, FLMaster James and Debra Theros MATA Members since the late 1990s.Take 100 Question QuizGetting the Right Insurance Get MATA Certified Get a MATA Website Business Plan Video Course Martial Arts  School Business Plan...

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Facility: Should I Buy or Lease?

Should I Buy or Lease? The basic rule of thumb is that, if you can buy for the same monthly price as your rent, it makes sense to buy.  Even if the mortgage payment is a little higher (less than 25 percent higher), the additional expense is offset by the tax...

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Your Pull Radius

Your pull radius is the area surrounding your school, from which your students will come. Typically, a student will not drive more than 10-15 minutes to your school. Yes, yes, yes, I know you have students who drive an hour and walk uphill both ways to get to your...

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Facility: Who’s Going to Build It?

Who’s Going to Build your Martial Arts School?  Often, landlords will attract renters with "credits." These credits can be applied in a number of different ways. You want to be in control of how they are used. When you are negotiating a build-out, be sure the lease...

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Negotiation Tactics: Defer to Higher Authority

This charade has been done to death in the car business. You make an offer to the salesman, and he says, “OK. I’ll take it to my manager.” The manager is the higher authority. It’s the good cop, bad cop scenario.  The salesman role is the good cop. He wants to find...

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Your Potential Ratio

Your potential ratio is the percentage of the population that has a realistic potential of joining your school. The number used for decades has been 1.5%. Due to the explosion of exposure and credibility the martial arts gained from the fitness kickboxing boom in...

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Planning: 180 Countdown Timeline

 180-Day CountdownThis is a compiled timeline based upon a variety of schools, all with slightly or significantly different timelines. Based upon the information from those schools, here is a pretty solid chronology of events relating to preparation and planning...

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Planning: Location Evaluation Form

  Location Evaluation Form This is an excellent way to take the emotion out of choosing a location.  Circle the answer that applies to your situation, and then add your total score at the end.  1) Do you have a Best Buy, Target, or well-known food or drug store in...

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