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Sparring Skills-Counter Sweeps

This clip from my USA Karate TV show in the 1980s shows one of my all-time favorites counterattacks. These are super effective sweeps that are really easy to execute. Then we fast forward 30 years to a 2-on-1 drill in the COBRA-Defense Academy....

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How to Run Successful Martial Arts Summer Camp

Martial Arts Summer Camp Success with Jim King Jim King has been hosting some of the most successful martial arts summer camps in the USA for decades. He is a systems driven owner and he shares his system for summer camps in this exclusive...

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How to Run a martial arts Summer Camp

The Important Math for Martial Arts Marketing

How much can you pay to enroll one student? To make a smart marketing decision, you MUST know is how much is a new student worth to your school. 1. Annual Student Value Calculation With tuition averaging $149 a month, a student who stays for 12 months generates...

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What You Must Do to Make Next Year Your Best Year

Subscribe Get Notice When a New Article by John Graden Posts Because of our redesign and over-haul, we want to make sure that only people who want to get these articles are notified when they are posted. Enter your info to get on that list.In the mid-1980s,...

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3 Steps to Improve Martial Arts Student Retention-PT 2

Preventative Measures to ImproveMartial Arts Student Retention Early Last week, I shared three common retention strategies schools use that can be useless if not used carefully. A quick review. 1. Student Surveys only work to the level of participation. Your most...

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The Song that Got Me Through High School

I have a question for you at the end, so read on, please. While martial arts is a good influence for 99% of people, it was a not-so-good influence on me. The Florida Karate Academy was more about chasing the dragon than entering the dragon. I went from being...

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