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Who Buys from Your Pro-Shop?

There are three groups of shoppers who will frequent your Pro Shop – students, family members and the general public. The ideal location for your Pro Shop is in the entrance area of your school. You want every student and parent to pass by or through the Pro Shop...

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Sample Display Ideas

See more product sales ideas at our Selling Products Homepage. January/February Strategy Theme: Start the New Year Right! Background: Get in shape theme. 
Sell: Sweatshirts, shoes, headbands, fitness videos and books. Heavy bags and other home training equipment...

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Creating a Profitable Pro-Shop

A private golf club with a pro-shop and around 300 members will gross around $300,000 in merchandise sales in a single year. While that may not be a realistic figure for any martial arts school it does show just how much income can be generated from a small captive...

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When is the Best Time to Sell Merchandise?

See more product sales ideas at our Selling Products Homepage. The obvious answer is anytime, but you will find that certain times will offer the opportunity for a quick and easy sale because of a students heightened state of emotion. Remember that people always...

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Your Biggest Retail Sales Day of the Year

See more product sales ideas at our Selling Products Homepage. Professional merchandising should play an important role in the overall success of your school. With the Christmas/Holiday season, you have the best opportunity of the year to sell merchandise. Your...

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Risk Free T-Shirt Marketing

Wouldn't it be great to be able produce and sell t-shirts for your school and events that would make you money with zero risk? Here is the answer. Teespring allows you to design your own shirt, offer a variety of styles and colors, PROFIT from each...

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