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Video: Skills and Drills

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Video: Warm Ups: Heart Rate 4

Increase Heart Rate 4Videos Coordination Jumping Jacks Clappers Burpees Bouncing Lunge Bouncing Knees Bouncing Kicks 8-Count-Jumping Jacks 7-Count Jumping Jacks 1-2-3-4 Drill Warm Up 1-2-3 Squat Weave 2-3 1-2-3...

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Warm ups: Increase Heart Rate 3

Increase Heart Rate 3Videos Hops Over Pads to Sides Hops Over Pads Hops-Directional Hopping Target Squeeze Hoops Squats Hoops Partner Race 2 Hoops Partner Race Hoop Fill Your Hoop Guarding Stance Leaping Squats Frog Hops Ditch Leap Lunge Combo Ditch Hoppers...

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Video: Warm ups: Increase Heart Rate 2

Increase Heart Rate 2Videos Power Jack Squat Jumps Pitch and Catch Mountain Climbers-Push Ups Mountain Climbers-Oblique Mogul Hops Marching Drill Lunge Squat Hops Jumping Jacks-Progressive Horse Stance Leaps Progressive Shuttle...

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Video: Warm ups: Increase Heart Rate 1

Increase Heart Rate 1Videos 1. X-Leaps Tire Tire Sidekick Chamber Tap Tap Leap Sumo Walk Sumo Running with Leap Step Up Knee Squat Leap Knee Squat-Knee Across Body Six-Count Kicking Drill Shoot and Block Races-Warm Ups Progressive Shuttle...

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Video: Warm ups: Abs and Core

Watch this first.Ab ExercisesVideos Overview Of Warm-Ups  V Abs Toe Tappers Sit Ups Russian Twist  Plank Twist Spider Plank Plank  Oblique Crunch L Crunch Iron Cross Ankle Grabber 7 Count Abs 5 Count Abs Half-Jack Knife Situp Crossovers Banana...

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Video: Sparring Drills-Deception

These are in a loose order, so we suggest you watch and teach these in the order they are listed.Application of Deception in SparringVideos on Deception Fake-How to Fake and Why Position Fakes Fake-Front Hip Fake Front Shoulder Fake Rear Shoulder Fake Technique...

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Video: Sparring Drills-Defense

The Most Neglected Area of Sparring: DefenseVideos 1. The Three Defenses Star Trek Blocking Tip Defensive Footwork Series Blocking Drill Lead Off vs Counter Fighter Blocks 1 - 2 Pike Back-2-Front Kick 3-4 Block Drill 3 Block vs Joe Lewis Blocks 5-6 vs Joe Lewis...

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Video: Foundation Skills

Here are the basic skills every student should learn early and drill long past black belt. Sparring: Foundation DrillsVideos Fighting / Guarding Stance 2 Types of Fighters The Rule of 3 The Three Defenses Touch Drill Fighting Rhythms Sentence Analogy Set Point...

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Video: How to Teach

 Just click on the title to see the video. Here are some examples of how to teach and explain the martial arts.Videos 2 Most Damaging Words How To Practice Key Point On All Combos Mma Sparring Coaching How To Avoid A Fight 2 Most Important Questions Martial Arts...

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