Why Martial Arts Schools Fail and How to Avoid It

Reactive Marketing Smart owners plan their marketing in advance. Holidays, weather changes, national and regional special days are all planned for in well in advance. Most school owners think about marketing when they realize rent is due in a week, so they jump on...

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How Do I Choose A Martial Arts School?

The martial arts is a fantastic way to gain control of your life and transform yourself into a healthy, confident person. However, the martial arts is also an unlicensed profession. There are hundreds if not thousands of various styles and interpretations. Here are...

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kids bowing in martial arts class

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When martial arts schools need help, here is what they do…

When martial arts schools need help, here is what they do... To keep your school growing to provide the standard of life that you and your family deserve, you must master every step of the Martial Arts Student Sales Funnel. You may not like the word sales, but...

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