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Video: Warm Ups: Heart Rate 4

Increase Heart Rate 4Videos Coordination Jumping Jacks Clappers Burpees Bouncing Lunge Bouncing Knees Bouncing Kicks 8-Count-Jumping Jacks 7-Count Jumping Jacks 1-2-3-4 Drill Warm Up 1-2-3 Squat Weave 2-3 1-2-3...

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Warm ups: Increase Heart Rate 3

Increase Heart Rate 3Videos Hops Over Pads to Sides Hops Over Pads Hops-Directional Hopping Target Squeeze Hoops Squats Hoops Partner Race 2 Hoops Partner Race Hoop Fill Your Hoop Guarding Stance Leaping Squats Frog Hops Ditch Leap Lunge Combo Ditch Hoppers...

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Video: Warm ups: Increase Heart Rate 2

Increase Heart Rate 2Videos Power Jack Squat Jumps Pitch and Catch Mountain Climbers-Push Ups Mountain Climbers-Oblique Mogul Hops Marching Drill Lunge Squat Hops Jumping Jacks-Progressive Horse Stance Leaps Progressive Shuttle...

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Video: Warm ups: Increase Heart Rate 1

Increase Heart Rate 1Videos 1. X-Leaps Tire Tire Sidekick Chamber Tap Tap Leap Sumo Walk Sumo Running with Leap Step Up Knee Squat Leap Knee Squat-Knee Across Body Six-Count Kicking Drill Shoot and Block Races-Warm Ups Progressive Shuttle...

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Video: Warm ups: Abs and Core

Watch this first.Ab ExercisesVideos Overview Of Warm-Ups  V Abs Toe Tappers Sit Ups Russian Twist  Plank Twist Spider Plank Plank  Oblique Crunch L Crunch Iron Cross Ankle Grabber 7 Count Abs 5 Count Abs Half-Jack Knife Situp Crossovers Banana...

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Video: Sparring Drills-Deception

These are in a loose order, so we suggest you watch and teach these in the order they are listed.Application of Deception in SparringVideos on Deception Fake-How to Fake and Why Position Fakes Fake-Front Hip Fake Front Shoulder Fake Rear Shoulder Fake Technique...

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Video: Sparring Drills-Defense

The Most Neglected Area of Sparring: DefenseVideos 1. The Three Defenses Star Trek Blocking Tip Defensive Footwork Series Blocking Drill Lead Off vs Counter Fighter Blocks 1 - 2 Pike Back-2-Front Kick 3-4 Block Drill 3 Block vs Joe Lewis Blocks 5-6 vs Joe Lewis...

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 Just click on the title to see the video. Please excuse the lack of production value of some of these videos. You'll just need to watch it once to get the concept.

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Drill-Intimidation Match

Have the students’ pair up with a partner. Have one side wearing boxing gloves and the other side wearing focus mitts. Instruct the students to circle each other with their hands down as if they were taunting each other in front of each other. Make sure both sides...

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Drill-Kicking Intensity

Have the students form two lines down the class room floor facing each other. Both sides of the students are to hold a sheet of striking film (x-ray sheet). Have the first side of the students perform any kick or kicking combo to the striking film that they wish....

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