Bullies will abuse 13-million kids this year.

Now you can get paid to help those kids bring it to an end.

Get Certified to teach the Cobra Anti-Bully

Seminar in your area.

The response has been fantastic. The Cobra Anti-Bullying Action Plan is highly attractive to the market and instructors because it provides clear and comprehensive solutions in a step-by-step action plan.

Once you let the PTA or local Civic Group know that this is “Non-Violent” and “Non-Confrontational” doors open.

We’ll show you how to market and teach this seminar.

It’s ideal for:

  • Martial arts school owners
  • Personal trainers
  • People who just want to help kids
  • Youth ministers
  • Youth team coaches
  • School / PE teachers
  • After-school programs

No martial arts experience is required.

You can teach this seminar as a:

a. Feeder for your school (if you have one)

b. Seminar income from attendee fees

c. Resell our Bully Manual for an affiliate fee (coming next week)

d. To gain media coverage

e. As a bonus for your current students and clients

f. As a full-time job as you grow your base and fine tune your presentation

g. As the perfect entrée’ into schools, churches, athletic leagues, civic groups and any other place where families of school age children congregate.

In this seminar package, you will receive:

  • Pre-written letters to School Officials/ Law Enforcement/ Principals
  • The exact words to get the police involved
  • How to pre-train children with scenarios
  • The Reality of Bullying Law Enforcement Tips and Tactics
  • Chapters from Child Psychologist and Doctors
  • Over 150 Illustrated anti-abduction and self-defense techniques
  • How to create the ultimate safety plan for your children
  • Incident log book and note sections
  • How to keep your child safe from social media and internet exposure


  • 233-page Bully Action Plan Manual
  • Drills and Scenarios “Cheat Sheets” that you can use for reference during the seminar.
  • One-hour COBRA Self-Defense & Striking DVD shot
  • An 80-minute Audio Interview with Chris Sutton
  • Testing For Adults and Kids
  • Flyer and Social-Media Templates for Marketing Your Seminar
  • The COBRA-Defense Anti-Bully Manual was created by a former Corrections and Law Enforcement officer Chris Sutton who has real life experience in dealing with criminal, bullying and abductions.