Little Dragons – Drills for Control

Drill 1: Dragon Tai-Chi

The instructor will perform the Dragons required techniques in slow motion. The Dragons must follow along making sure they do not go faster that the instructor.

Goal: This drill will help Dragons control the speed and power of their techniques.

Set up:

Step 1:  Have all of the Dragons line up facing the mirror. The instructor should stand in front of the Dragons facing them.

Step 2:  The instructor will perform a technique in slow notion.

Step 3:  Have the Dragons follow the instructor performing the same technique with the same speed.

Step 4: Do not allow the Dragons to go faster than the instructor.

Step 5: Repeat the steps with various techniques.

Instructor Tips: Make sure your Dragons are using good technique. This is a good opportunity to make any kind of improvements on specifics, such as proper wrist rotation, pull back arm, and proper foot placement.

Drill 2: Dragon bubble wrap

Each Dragon will have a chance to walk across a board covered with bubble wrap. First they must show control by not popping the bubbles, then they must walk across popping the bubbles.

Goal:  This drill will teach Dragons to control how hard they walk. It is also a good drill to use as an analogy when talking about when to use power and when not to use power.

Set up:

Step 1:  First you need a long piece of plywood and some bubble wrap. You can purchase bubble wrap at most large office supply stores.

Step 2:  Tape the bubble wrap to the board. This will make the paper stick better.

Step 3:  Have all of the Dragons make one straight line on the side of the board that gives them the most distance to walk across.

Step 4:  Have the Dragons walk across one at a time trying not to pop the bubbles.

Step 5:  Have them walk across a second time but this time they must try to pop as many bubbles as they can.

Step 6:  Sit them down after everyone had a turn and explain when they should use power and when they shouldn’t use power.

Instructor Tips: Teach the Dragons the concept that they need to be soft: playing with friends, holding a small child or animal, etc. Sometimes they need to be hard: breaking boards, performing katas, etc.

Drill 3: Dragon Freeze

Just like red light green light, the instructor will close their eyes and count to three as the Dragons try to sneak up and tag the instructor. If the instructor sees any motion in the Dragons, they must move to the beginning of the line.

Goal: This drill will help each Dragon control their motion. It will also help them respond fast.

Set up:

Step 1:  Have an instructor stand on one side of the room.

Step 2:  Place a line on the floor across the room from the instructor giving the Dragons the most amount of space possible to cross.

Step 3:  The instructor will turn around away from the Dragons and count out loud to three, while the Dragons sneak up to the instructor and try to tag the instructor.

Step 4:  When the instructor gets to three, he/she will yell freeze and turn around to spot the Dragons.

Step 5:  All of the Dragons must freeze before the instructor turns around.

Step 6: Any Dragons moving must return to the starting line. All of the Dragons who freeze without moving will start from that spot when the instructor begins to count again.

Step 7:  Repeat the process until one Dragon tags the instructor.

Instructor Tips: Encourage the Dragons to control their movement. If anyone makes a move, send him or her back. Challenge them by making the Dragons freeze into martial art poses.

Drill 4: Dragon Master

Each Dragon will strike the wave master trying not to knock off the target sitting on top.

Goal: This drill will help each Dragon control their power of their martial arts techniques.

Set up:

Step 1: Have the Dragons line up in front of your wave masters.

Step 2:  Place a small square target on top of the wave master that can be easily knocked off if the wave master is hit too hard.

Step 3:  Have the Dragons take turns kicking the bag with good control.

Step 4: Each Dragon must strike the wave master 2 times without knocking the target off. If the Dragon strikes the wave master too hard, the target will fall off.

Step 5:  Repeat steps 3 & 4 until every Dragon had at least 3 turns

Instructor Tips: Watch for good technique. Each Dragon must have good distance from the bag to help their control.  The main enforcement here is to have good distance from the wave master. This drill will help them have good control in sparring.

Drill 5: Dragon Blocking drill

Each Dragon will have a chance to be in the middle of the Dragons as they try to block each Dragons attack.

Goal: This drill will help each control their power when swinging the blocker pad at the Dragon in the middle of the circle.

Set up:

Step 1:  Have all of the Dragons make a big circle.

Step 2:  Give each Dragon a blocker target and a number that they must remember.

Step 3:  Have one Dragons stand in the middle of the circle.

Step 4:  Call out a number of one of the Dragons. That Dragon first kihaps (yells) and swings the blocker pads at the Dragon in the middle.

Step 5:  The Dragon in the middle must block the Dragons attack.

Step 6:  Repeat step 4 until every Dragon in the circle had a chance to attack the Dragon in the middle.

Step 7:  Designate a new Dragon to be in the middle until every Dragon had a chance to be in the middle.

Instructor Tips: The Dragon with the blocking target must use control when swinging the pad at the Dragon in the middle. Nobody should get hurt even if they get hit with the target. This drill will help each Dragon with control and also with their blocking and reacting skills.