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John Graden, Martial Arts Teachers' Association

It's a fact that 80-90% of people would take a self-defense program. Studies over the years from multiple sources state that only 2-3% will train in a martial art.

John Graden, Martial Arts Teachers' Association

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  • Training Package Mailed to You
  • Complete Marketing System with Media & Social Proof
  • Personal Consultations and Direct Support from Chris Sutton
  • Certification Package Mailed to You
  • Custom COBRA Website for You
  • Get listed as an Official COBRA™ Facility
  • Executive Business Coaching
  • COBRA™ Defense License
  • Exclusive Territory
  • Wholesale Merchandise Discounts

COBRA-Defense is breaking the mold in the self-defense industry. We are dedicated to keeping the business model simple and the price of entry low.

There are many organizations that will certify you to teach their self-defense. There are not many that will show you how to make a full-time career out of teaching self-defense.

We offer great support 24/7. Our Executive Coaching sessions are more about how to turn a demo into a $5,000 payday than how to get out of a headlock.

As the Official Self-Defense System of the Martial Arts Teachers’ Association, we’re proud to offer MATA members a $400 discount on their initial license fee.

Watch a 10-minute Executive Coaching Session conducted by Chris Sutton. This is usually exclusive for COBRA members, but by special arrangement with MATA, you have access.

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