Competition Team Requirements

Our Competition Team is a challenge to the most committed students of Taekwondo. This program is very demanding and difficult to become a member and stay a member. The Competition Team was designed students who are fully committed to the Program and to their own success in the sport of Olympic Taekwondo. The Competition Team demands proven skill, sacrifice, demonstrated perseverance, unwavering commitment, heart, faith, and an iron will.

This page is designed for you to understand the qualifications and requirements to be a member of our Competition Team, your obligations to this team and the optimization of your performance. These requirements are not intended to prohibit, restrict or confine, but rather to give you a perspective of the Competition Team and to provide structure and organization so that you can perform at the highest level.

The most underrated fact about success at the National level, either Junior or Senior is that the entire family must be on the same page concerning the requirements of each member of the Team. The success of the Competition Team member is ultimately founded on the support of the parents in every aspect of the Program, and with the faithful execution of all instructions given by the Coach.

It should be no surprise that family sacrifices must be made in all areas, especially in financial support. As a family, you must decide how much value and worth this special opportunity has for you and your family.

Where there is a will there is a way.

There is a financial responsibility that must be met by each member of the Team and their parents. These costs include but are not limited to lesson fees, training fees, a list of required equipment, all unexpected costs as they arise, travel, hotel, food, registration fees, etc.

Here are some examples of the Competition Team commitments:

  • Competition Team members do not arrive late to training, events, anything.
  • Competition Team members do not allow themselves to be injured in other sports so they cannot perform on the Team.
  • Competition Team members do not fail or fall behind in their academics.
  • Competition Team members are mature, responsible, and do not display inappropriate behavior.
  • Competition Team members do not fail to participate in Kim’s events and functions.
  • Competition Team members who are injured have such a driving commitment to the Team that they come to training to support and watch other team members.
  • Competition Team members are registered with the USAT.
  • Competition Team members compete in tournaments as directed by the Coach.
  • Competition Team members obey their parents and coaches in all matters.
  • Competition Team members are a Team. Nothing separates the Team.
  • Competition Team members do not allow social issues, personal issues, or differences of opinion to disrupt the Team.
  • Competition Team members are dedicated to master their craft of Taekwondo and routinely welcome the endurance of hardship, tribulation, and pain in order to achieve their goal.

We tell our athletes that they have a choice to make everyday. They can use their time they have that day toward achieving their goals or not. It’s a simple choice. You get to decide how good you want to be. Speed, strength, and athletic skills are developed…they are not genetic gifts. Some people have the ability to be stronger and faster than others, but everyone can improve their strength, speed, and skills.

If you want to be great, there are no shortcuts, no quick fixes, no 90 percent, no easy day, no time off and no excuses. There is only dedication, focus, and hard work. This is the path to greatness, and everyday you can choose whether or not to follow it.

Do you keep your eyes on the target, ignore distractions and temptations to get off course, and stay focused on your goal in order to be most effective and make the most significant progress and impact?