A personal brand works best when it is an authentic, congruent, and consistent representation of you.

In this context, congruency means that your actions reflect your values. If you value honesty but are prone to gossip, exaggeration, or lying to protect yourself, you’re incongruent. If you intellectually value good health but are overweight and out of shape, you’re not living in congruency.

Congruency also leads to consistency. From your dress habits to how you speak to people, you always represent your brand. How you represent it is the concern.

Just as a company uses its brand to attach a certain personality and uniqueness to the products it sells, your personal brand comprises the qualities and unique traits you relay about yourself. Your personal brand represents the way you want other people to think about you. It also conveys how you think of you. Remember, your brand is loud and clear every day. It’s up to you to take control of that communication and transform into the person you want to be.