5. Facebook Events

Lesson 5 – Facebook Events

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[op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”undefined” align=”left” font_color=”%23788596″]A Facebook event is a calendar-based resource which can be used to notify users of upcoming occasions. Events can be created by anyone, and can be open to anyone or private. The creator can invite his friends, members of a group, or fans of a page.[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]


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Facebook Events

How to Create a Facebook Event

Facebook events are great ways to promote your special events.

Creating an event using Facebook is the easiest way to publicize your event. Even simple little events like a students birthday party at your school can be promoted with Facebook Events. This is the BEST way to let your audience/market know that you host birthdays or any other types of events without being overtly spammy. 

Log into your Facebook account 

To create a Facebook event, you need to type in your user name and password on the Facebook website. And click on the log in icon. 

Creating the Event 

After you log in, click on the “Event” tab which is third on the column of the “Favorites” column on the top left side of your screen. It is just below your profile pic. 

Click on the “+Create” Tab 

The “+Create” tab is on the top right of your Facebook page. You will find in between the “Today” and “Invites” tab. 

Choose the Name of the Event 

Before choosing the name of the event, think carefully. You want to include your school name in the title. For instance, USA Karate Birthday Party for Johnny Jones!

Define the name of the event in relation to the target audience. The name you choose actually affects the attendance.

Here are tips you can use in choosing the name of your event.

  • Simplicity: Do not overdo the name of the event. Keep it short and straight to the point.  Avoid over promoting or over promising.
  • Clarity: The most important thing is making sure that people understand the theme of your event. For instance, if you are hosting a public event, make that clear. If it’s a paid in advance only event, people need to know that so they don’t show up expecting to participate. 

Add More Details Concerning Your Event 

The details you give affect the perception of your guests about the event.

Tell your guests what you expect from them. 

If you are inviting them for a paid seminar, make sure you inform them so that they can register. If it’s a free picnic, suggest some cover dishes for them to bring. If you’re hosting a black tie banquet, be sure to make that clear so people don’t show up in school t-shirts.

Choose and Add the Location of the Event

Make sure you give the exact address of the place where the event will be held. If it is in your school do not assume that your guests know the address, give it to them just in case. 

Add the Time and Date of the Event 

Before setting the date, you need to put some factors into considerations such as will it be suitable for your audience. Tell your guests when the event will start. Check your calendar to ensure your event does not collide with major events and holidays. 

Choose the Friends to Invite 

The key to having a good event depends on the type of guests you invite. If you need to have close friends let the guests list be as clear as possible. Consider who you want to be there as well as whom you want to avoid. 

  • Invite people who you are sure will come: Consider the location of the people you are inviting to the party and if they will have the means to come to your event.  The importance of the event will also determine the people who will come. For instance, if it is a Birthday party you might invite classmates of the student. If there is a charge per head for the party and the parents want to control the guest list, create a Private Event. This way, people can still discover that you host birthday parties.
  • Website or EventBrite: For seminars and other events where you want to know who is attending in advance, consider creating a registration page on your website or creating a free account with EventBrite.com. EventBrite is a great site for managing free and paid events. 

Set Up the Privacy Setting for Your Event

After setting the date, you need to select the option on “Guests can invite friends”. If your guests can invite friends make sure you select that option. If you do not want guests to invite their friends, you can leave that option. You can also select the friends to invite one by one. However, the nature of your event highly determines the kind of guests that you need to invite. 

Press, “Create” and You Have Created An Event

Now you can sit back and wait and see which guests will promise to attend your event. Also, look at their comments and suggestions. [/text_block]