This course walks you through some of the important questions and issues to be addressed if you want to become a professional martial arts school owner and instructor.

These are simple True / False answers. Ideally, you'd have 100% True, but no one ever does. The goal of this quiz is to bring your attention to the areas where you answer False and let you determine how important that is to you. In some cases, it's a simple strategy you may not have heard of before. In others, False is the correct answer because True is not really in your plans.

Good luck and enjoy. Be sure to share this with your friends.

Module 1Preparation and Timing
Unit 1Preparation and Timing 
Module 2Leadership Skills
Unit 1Leadership Skills 
Module 3Module 3-Strategic Planning
Unit 1Module 3-Strategic Planning 
Module 4Module 4-Sales Strategies
Unit 1Sales Strategies 
Module 5Module 5-Student Service
Unit 1Student Service 
Module 6Module 6-Getting to Profits Fast
Unit 1Getting to Profits Fast 
Module 7How Will My School Look When It’s Successful?
Unit 1How Will My School Look When It’s Successful? 
Module 8What are the Key Numbers and Stats?
Unit 1What are the Key Numbers and Stats? 
Module 9The Core Dynamics and You
Unit 1The Core Dynamics and You 
Module 10Are You the Right Person for This?
Unit 1Are You the Right Person for This? 
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