Daily & Weekly Reporting Procedures

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Reporting keeps score on your performance. Your reports let you know how well you and your team are performing in every area. They also helps you to see any problem areas that may be developing well in advance. It will then be easy to take corrective action early when, through your tracking efforts, you find areas of your team’s performance that are not operating optimally.

Although it is vital to take the numbers down, in our business it’s better to analyze your numbers at the end of the week, unless you can see that something is way off course. For example, you see that you’ve had six phone calls today and no appointments. You’d better check the phone skills of your Team members immediately.

Note: It is vitally important that this information be documented accurately every day. Not documenting this data accurately every day will be cause for dismissal from the team. If you don’t care about your business, who will?

Basic Admission Statistics
Every day, you need to know the admission statistics, what’s happening with your school’s growth.

The first statistic you need is the number of Phone Calls Received. This lets you know how well your advertising and marketing efforts are performing and what changes, if any, need to be made.

The next statistic is Walk-ins. How many people are walking into your school? This let’s you know how attractive an appearance you have to the outside world.

Now we need to look at the number of guests your students are inviting to the school. This let’s you know how well you’re doing with your internal marketing and referral efforts.

After we have these three numbers you add them up to give you the number of inquiries for the day. If, for example, you had thee phone calls, I walk-in and two guests you would have six inquires (3 + I + 2). You would then add this number to the total inquires to date on yesterday’s statistics report. If the total to date as of yesterday was 10, you would add 10 + 6 to give you 16, which would go in the total number of inquires to date box.

The next statistic is the number of appointments made that day. At the end of the week the total number of your phone calls, walk-ins and guests statistics are totaled and checked against the total number of appointments. To find out how well your staff s sales skills are you simply divide the number of appointments by the number of inquiries. For example, if you have 12-inquires and you make 10-appointments, then you have 10/12= 83%. This means you have an 83% efficiency rate for making appointments.

80% is the goal we recommend everyone set for his or her operation.

The next number you’ll need is that of trial lessons performed. After the future student comes in for their appointment, how many take the trial lesson? Lets say out of the eight students who actually showed up, six took a trial lesson. This would give us 6 / 8 = 75%.

We recommend a goal of 80% for trial lessons made from actual appointments.

The final basic admissions number you’ll need is that of new students enrolled. You need to know how many new students do you enroll in comparison to trial lessons. If you had 12 trial lessons and you sign up 9 new students, this gives you 9 / 12 = 75%. This tells you for every 10 students you get in the door and take a trial lesson, 7.5 sign up. This is your closing percentage. It helps you determine if the person doing the trial lessons and enrolling the students are doing their job correctly. We would recommend a closing goal of 80%.

Other Enrollment Statistics
Other statistics that are related to enrollment are the number of student/parent conferences. In order to upgrade your students you need to have conferences. After you have the conferences, how many of these students are you upgrading? If you have 20-student conferences in a month and you upgrade 16, your upgrade percentage for the month is 80%, exactly where you need to be.