Drill-Focus Gauntlet

Have your students’ line up in straight lines of six to eight with the students standing shoulder to shoulder. Each person standing in line is to have a square target. A few people should have black targets and a few should have red targets or a different kind of target like a pork chop pad.

Have one student at the end of the line facing the first person. Instruct the students in the line to attack the student when they step in front of them by swinging the back or punching the pad at the student.

The student that is in front is to block the attack and step in front of the next person. If the attacker has the red pad the student not only blocks the attack, they are also to counter attack with a straight punch.

When the defending student reaches the end of the line they are to take the place of any student in the line and that student is to run to the end of the line and begin down the focus gauntlet.