Drill-Hand Signals

Begin by reminding the students that focus is simply “paying attention”. In order to be successful you must be able to concentrate your mind and energy at any task worth attempting. Begin this drill by teaching the students a few hand signals. Each hand signal will instruct the student to perform a certain task or in a certain manner. For example:

Putting your hand up by your ear = the students should be louder.

Putting your hand up high = means to kick higher.

Making a bicep muscle = Do your technique stronger.

Putting your elbow on the back of your hand with your arm straight creates an Intensity meter = the higher your hand from your arm, the more intense the students should get.

When you clap you hands = means for them to perform a repetition of a technique.

With your hand in a fist with the little finger and thumb out as you twist your wrist = is for the students to switch stances and perform techniques on the other side.

When you go to your set stance = they snap to attention with a loud, Sir!

After you have taught the students the hand signals, tell them that you are going to lead them through some basic techniques without saying a word, all the students have to do is watch you and focus on the hand signals.

They will know exactly what to do and how to do it by watching, focusing, and paying attention to you.