In martial arts, a lot of the training we go though is to help us better defend ourselves. But martial arts is also an art. Performance aspects of martial arts like tournaments where participants compete in competition forms and fighting are specifically for the sport and art of martial arts.

Intensity is important in any art form where the participants perform for others. Intensity is an expression of passion for what one does. If someone is serious or passionate about something then they are intense when they do it!

By being a good team mate you should also show intensity and cheer the other team members as they perform. This motivates the other team members and shows your support for their performances.

Remember, being intense does not always come naturally. You need to practice your intensity to insure that you give your best.

(Have the students’ line up in lines facing each other down the floor of your classroom. Explain to the students that this drill is to help enhance their intensity level and also to help them better support their team mates when others are performing.

Have one side on the line perform any form combination of their choice, maybe 5 to 7 moves long. As they perform, the other sides of students are to loudly and excitingly coach and cheer the other members as they perform. Then the other side has their turn.

Repeat this back and forth several times. You, the instructor should also be coaching both sides to give their best.