Drill-Line Kicking Stacking

1. Kids do back leg roundhouse kicks across the room hitting a target held by the instructor. The instructor is only looking for full out participation or performance.

When the kids go back to the end of the line they will do splits while waiting for their next turn. Have each child perform three turns before giving feedback.

2.  Set a goal to improve the kick by pivoting the rear leg while kicking. Repeat the same drill being sure to concentrate on the pivot giving constant feed back while they are kicking.

This time after they do the drill they will run back to their lines and do 15 crunches while waiting their turn. Always choose one student to demonstrate before all the kids begin.

3. Change the drill to a slide up front leg round house kick. Do a couple of sets being sure they practice both sides. Set a goal to make sure the hands are up and covering while kicking. Remind them that they will still need to pivot or point the heel in the direction of the kick. Challenge them to kick high. Remind them to “Focus” on the hand position and pivot.

4. Change the drill to a back leg round house kick followed up by a front leg roundhouse kick. They will continue doing both sides as they kick across the room. The goal is now SPEED while remaining FOCUSED on the pivot and hand position.

While waiting for their next turn they will do 8 pushups and 8 crunches. Always choose one student to demonstrate before all the kids begin

5. SPOTLIGHT a few students who either need the recognition or are demonstrating great performance. Raise the bar. Same basic drill but double up on the kicks without putting the foot down. Double back leg roundhouse followed by a double front leg roundhouse.

Tell them now you are looking for INTENSE performance, warrior face, loud kias, strong kicks – just like a BLACK BELT.

Have them do 10 jumping jacks while waiting their next turn.

6. Ending at the peak of enthusiasm.

This is a high energy finish to this drill stack. This drill is a back leg round house kick followed by a jump spinning round house kick. Some schools call this a tornado kick. Regardless, the goal is simply to create high energy and enthusiasm and end class at a high peak with the promise of more next class.