Drill-Punching Accuracy

Have the students’ line up facing each other in two lines with both sides in their fighting stance, one side with protective gear on their fist. Instruct the students on one side to place their front arm in an “ L” shape with their forearm straight and their fist facing up towards the ceiling.

Instruct the students with their protective gear on, that from their fighting stance, when they hear you call ONE, they are to slide step 45 degrees to their right.

On TWO, they are to through a cross with their right hand between their partners forearm and head (without hitting them).

On THREE, they are to execute their left hook, again between their partners head and forearm, ending with their arm parallel to the floor with their bicep touching their partners forearm.

When you give the final command of “Stance”, the students should return back to their original fighting stance position.

Repeat the commands several rotations and then switch sides. Make sure to play music and use your voice tone and body language to keep the energy high and the class exciting.