Drill–Strike the Stripe!

Equipment needed: Punch pads

Accuracy is the ability to perform correctly. Whether we are punching and kicking during a sparring match, a self defense move, or doing our home work, it is import to be accurate with our performance. It is very important to be accurate in all things you attempt to perform if you want to be successful. Being accurate and paying attention to detail is habit forming, the more we attempt to be as accurate as possible the more we will always apply effort toward accuracy in everything we do.

Have the student’s line up in two lines facing each other down the center of the classroom. Have the students on one side holding a punch pad. On the pads have one red piece of tape on the far left, a green piece in the middle, and a blue piece on the right side.

Each time the instructor calls out blue tell the students to hit the blue piece with a jab, when you call out red, instruct them to hit the red piece with a cross, and when you call out green, the pad holder is to drop the pad low so the attacker can kick the green piece with a front kick.

The last part of the week you can mix it up and increase the difficulty by calling out multiple colors, having the students throw combinations.