Drill-Which Kick?

Equipment needed: Kicking Shields

To truly be accurate at martial arts you should be able to answer the following questions about certain martial arts techniques. You should know HOW to do it, you should know WHEN to use it, you should know WHERE to use it, and finally you should know WHICH, is the best technique to use in a situation.

Let’s take your side kick for example, to be able to use your side kick accurately you should know HOW to execute it properly, WHEN it is most appropriate to use it, WHERE you should throw it, and WHICH is the best type of side kick to use in a certain situation.

Have the students’ line up facing each other in two lines with one side holding kicking shields. Instruct the students on the kicking side to get in their fighting stance and to shut their eyes. The side with the kicking shields is to move at different distances from the kickers and then call their first name.

When the kicker hears their name they are to open their eyes and recognize what distance the shield is at and which side kick is best to throw.

If the pad holder is holding the shield low and is really close, the kicker should throw a low side kick to the knee. If the pad holder is within arm reach, the kicker should throw a number one side kick, or a side kick from the front leg without moving forward.

If the pad holder is not within arm reach the kicker should throw a number three side kick or a stepping side kick. At the end of the week to add excitement, and to change things up a bit, add to this drill when the student’s last name is called, they are to execute a turning side kick.)