Admissions Director Duties (REDO)

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  1. Take previous days deposit to bank.
  2. Return all messages on answering machine
  3. Call next day’s appointments to confirm.
  4. Send confirmation notes for any appointments made the day before.
  5. Check appointment board/book for no-shows – make follow-up calls to re-schedule for another date.
  6. Fax in all new membership agreements.
  7. Log in all membership agreements in the log that were faxed in for the day.
  8. Stock drink cooler and candy machine.
  9. Perform “batch” function on credit card machine.       Staple batch report to cash register log sheet.
  10. Prepare next days deposit.



  1. Verify all faxes to billing company; e-mail billing company account rep with any discrepancies on new or cancelled contracts.
  2. Send renewal letters to ALL students on renewal list (do this EVERY week for EVERY student on the list until they renew).
  3. Call ALL students on the renewal list; set appointments for renewal conferences (to avoid having people come in to renew during the “class change rush”).
  4. THURSDAY: Update Pro Shop displays and re-stock.       Prepare uniform orders to go out on Friday.



  1. Review monthly billing report: past due accounts, new contracts, cancellations, students up for renewal, questions in “note” fields.
  2. FIRST WEEK of each month: Send out reminders to all students that are currently past due (to remind them that they must be up to date on tuition to be eligible for striping; take advocate approach to this).
  3. Review contracts due for collections and contact account executive by e-mail or phone with plan of action on these contracts.
  4. Update contract renewals and new student list.       Compare to monthly report.       Contact billing company account rep with any discrepancies on new contracts and renewals that were faxed in.
  5. Rotate Pro Shop displays to make them look “new”.