Elvis Presley's Karate Gi & belt auction

Ultra rare and confirmed authentic

Elvis Loved Karate 

Elvis Karate Gi and Belts for Sale

These photos are of the one gi top and two belts for sale.

The Story of These Items

My local paper, The St. Petersburg Times article on my original purchase of the collection.

The page from Julians Auction devoted to my selling some items from the collection in 2011. That’s me, center right with the two girls :0).

In or about 1996, I purchased this Elvis Presley Karate collection from a rare memorabilia dealer in Las Vegas.

 The collection consisted of:

  • The actual training karate gi and belt(s) worn by Elvis.
  • A duplicate demonstration uniform.
  • His Kenpo Rank Card.
  • Letters of Authentication.

 I had just launched the National Association of Professional Martial Artists (NAPMA) the year before and I knew that this purchase would be a “media magnet” and it was.

 For about two years afterward, and almost every anniversary of his death, I was being interviewed by journalists from Indiana to Ireland.

 In 2011, I was contacted about selling some of the items in a high-end auction in Beverly Hills, CA.

 I submitted the demo uniform. The auction house wanted the original authentication letters as well.

 Though the estimated value was $6,000 – $8,000, the actual price was nearly $12,000.

 Now, I am ready to part with his actual training uniform and belt. The letters of authenticity are scans of the originals that went in the 2011 auction, but they are unaltered and are easily legible.

 This sale/auction is for:

  1. Gi Top with TCB and Kang Rhee patches
  2. Decorated Black Belt
  3. Undecorated Black Belt
  4. Printable image files of the letters of authentication

 Interested? Send me an email.

 If we go to auction and you’d like to be kept up to date on it just enter your info.

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