MATA Facebook Marketing
For Your School

Social media marketing is complex and confusing. That's why we've create a Facebook Marketing Program for MATA members.

Free Facebook Marketing System

For the first 10 MATA-Pro members only.

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The 7-Step Automated MATA Facebook Student Funnel

1. Custom Facebook Ad Designed


2. Custom Landing Page


3. Custom Thank You Page


4. Instant Text Sent 


5. Instant E-mail Sent


6. Automatic 24-hour Follow Up


7. Phone Tracking Number Records Everything

Custom Landing Page

Here's What is Included

  • Up to 3 Facebook Ads for Your School per Month
  • Includes Complete Sales Funnel for Free Trial Lesson
  • Custom Landing Page with Your Logo, Phone, Text, and Email Capture
  • Custom Congratulations Page for Opt-ins
  • Automatic Text Notification to Prospect with Follow Up in 24-hours
  • Automatic Email Notification to Prospect with Follow Up in 24-hours
  • Unlimited Revisions on Ads
  • MATA-Pro Members Only
  • Reporting on Ad Performance & Lead Activity
  • Only pay for Facebook Ad Costs. Everything else is free.