Choose the Right Site

1. Match your needs with the right Crowdfunding site. Some sites are focused on creative funding for arts and entertainment. Others are for people in crisis. Many are for businesses, and that’s probably where you want to be.

2. Produce a Killer Video

Video sells. Period. You have to make a strong emotional connection, along with a strong financial connection. People do business with people they like, so make a video that puts your best foot forward with testimonials, plans, and any other exciting elements you can share with your potential investor.

3. Do Your Homework and Set a Conservative Goal

Study other successful Crowdfunding projects and analyze them to see what worked. Studies show that many projects fail to meet their objective and the ones that do tend to squeak past the goal.

Also, 30-days seems to be the best performing timeline.

4. Market, Market, Market

Once you pull the trigger on your Crowdfunding project, spend as much time as you can promoting it online and off.

5. Build Up Day One and Create Great Offers

Build up to a big Day One of the project with media releases, demos, flyers, email blasts, etc… to get your project off to a good start and gain some momentum.

Reward contributors with special memberships and awards. For instance, $25 gets a school shirt. $100 gets three months of classes. $10,000 gets a lifetime membership.

Have you already Crowdfunded a project? If so, let know about it. We’d love to share your story.