Get the Right Domain Name

Most schools make the mistake of using their school name as the primary domain name. The domain name is the name of your site. For example, is the name of the Martial Arts Teachers’ Association website.

While .com is the most valuable, once you have a good domain name, you will want to secure that name as a , .org., .net, .ca, ect.. to keep your competition from creating confusion. However, no matter how much you like your school name, it is not as easy to remember as your city or state.

For instance, is a fine name, but if you live in New York, residents are much more likely to remember Why? Because they they know where they live.

So you would want to have both AND You would use in all of your ads.

In fact, the school T-Shirts would be more effective if were even more prominent than Master Joe’s Karate Academy. Put right across the back of the shoulders under the color on the back of the shirt.

MATA has about 500 prominent city and state domain names that we are releasing to our members. Names like and are valuable to you.

To see the list of available city, state, and other unique domain names, go to martialartswebsites.comNames will go on a first come first serve basis. There is only one available of any name, so here is your chance to snatch it up.

Realize that if you don’t get your city and/or state domain name, your competitor will. Domain names are like good locations in real estate. They don’t make more. Get yours while you can or you can look forward to seeing the best domain name for your school on the marketing materials for your competitor. Don’t let that happen.