Improving Your Search Google Results for Your Martial Arts School

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How to Get Your School to Rank in Voice Search

This ONLY works if your Google My Business is set up and optimized.

Google is tracking quality visits to physical locations of stores, to capture the popularity of those locations, based upon repeat visits to them. 

This is from a Google patent on voice and maps search.

Data related to visits by one or more individuals to a physical location may be used as an indication of the popularity of that location, with the incidences of repeat visits used to effectively incorporate the “quality” of visits into the popularity indication.

Google ranks locations higher when the searcher actually visits the address of the search.

A quality visit might be seen as a ranking signal because actual visits to a place can show that people felt that a place was worth returning to.

Google ranks locations higher when the searcher stays at the location for more than 5-minutes.

The length of a visit would be appropriate for the type of physical location visited. For example, a visit to a full-service restaurant for a period of fewer than 5 minutes, or not enough time to order and consume a meal, might not be sufficient to be seen as a quality visit. Five minutes for a dry cleaner or a takeout restaurant would be sufficient to indicate an actual visit to a place.

Google ranks locations higher when the searcher interacts with the location.

Other information than just a visit might be considered, such as:

Check-ins on a social media serviceGeotagged pictures or videosMake a phone call from the locationSend a text from the locationSend an email from the location

Google ranks locations higher when the searcher returns to the location.

Every time you start to drive to the school use the Maps feature to get directions to your school.