how martial arts schools can reach out to public schools

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When it comes to getting martial arts into public schools, many martial arts school owners complain that they can’t get into the schools. In most cases, the owner is making the mistake of trying to get in through the principle’s office. A much easier and direct path is to contact teacher’s directly to come in and teach their class or do a demo.

With as many families as you work with, it shouldn’t be difficult at all to find a teacher who would welcome you into the class. Just keep the hype to a minimum and the value to a maximum.

May offers a great opportunity for you to create relationships with your local school teacher during National Teachers’ Month.

1. Host a self-defense seminar for teachers only. 

This is a great chance to offer a free seminar and sell some My Defense Tools in the back of the room afterwards.

2. Host an active shooter response seminar. 

Schools have fire drills and lockdown drills, but they don’t have active shooter drills. Run, Hide, Fight is not a plan. It’s a sound bite.


3. Offer to teach a class for a teacher. 

Sure, we’ve all taught PE classes, but what about a class on the Black Belt Attitude? Rather than show off your skills, instill some self-control and respect skills in the students. When a teacher sees that instant transformation from the kids in class, they will have a much higher appreciation for what you teach and that helps create that direct relationship teacher by teacher.